Medical Services
Ahmad M. Nagi
Came to believe by experience that with Real Health Problems we don't need anything BUT a real honest , loving , caring & respectable doctor who knows god , who can replace with the support of his teamwork the Fear of Illness with Trust in Recovery. Dr. Ibrahim Ganzoury you taught me the difference between Fact and Faith in complicated Orthopedic surgery : Fact is when any ordinary doctor diagnoses illness in a report. Faith is when good doctors like you give their patients the strength to recover & finds them a Way Out of No Way Out according to God's will. We are dear friends since 1989 maybe ?? But to deal with a highly irritable, grumpy and annoying patient like me, I give you the award of the best doctor of the century & will recommend Ganzouri Specialized Hospital for everybody
Abubakar Bahindi
I Abubakar Bahindi from Nigeria working with Federal Road Safety Corps Rs10.1 Sokoto Sector Command. I was admitted in GANZOURI SPECIALISED HOSPITAL on 20/3/13, suffering from renal stone for the surgery of which i have started with tests immediately. After they testified & located where the stone is they then handed over to the consultant (Dr Hossam El Ganzoury) who did my surgery successfully. I really want to thank my brother Dr Ahmed for his effort of directing me to this hospital & all other staff working in Ganzouri, more especially Dr Hossam El Ganzoury, & Ms. Eman Soliman who is in public Relations office. A lady who welcomes everyone with (free mine, friendly, kind, humble, honest & truth worthy) she is also dedicated, up & doing to her work. Secondly, I most appreciated my living & cost of treatment in your hospital which I always proud of you & advised our people with similar problem to quickly rush to your hospital. Once again before I travel to Egypt I suffered seriously, but after the surgery I did not notice any problem. Finally, if I see any change or abnormal thing which I am not praying for I will seek for your advice. I thank Almighty God for his protection & guidance. Keep it up, Thanks.
Adamu Tanimu Jatau
We are very glad, the way you treat us and take good care of us. And that you offer us with good care, when we came back home we really missed the way you attempt to us because we never regret been to your hospital. And I pray to almighty Allah the creator to help your hospital and to spread the quality of your hospital, May god accept my prays and I pray to Allah to add good health on you and to give you more energy and experience on your work and I am very happy and glad the way you take care of us and may god help you and your family.  
Yusuf Alhaji Wabi
I am Yusuf Alhaji Wabi was in Ganzouri Hospital, I was fully attended to it right from the airport, when I was picked to the hospital environment their relationship with their patient is very efficient, the nurses are well trained, the doctors are equally good. The most important services and most appreciated was there prompt attention given to me and request for various test almost immediately done when I came to the hospital. It is also important to note, I really appreciated to the care and services given to me by Ms. Eman Soliman who always attend to my needs as at when I need. Finally, Ganzouri Hospital is indeed a right environment for the treatment and management of patients.    
Musa Ahmed Nigerian
My 2 weeks stay at Ganzouri Hospital Cairo Egypt. The management send a public relations officer to welcome and convey us from the airport. On arrival the Nurses took over my patient to the bed for proper investigation by the consultant's, after their physical examination's they then move him to the Intensive care unit for management. Being a known diabetic and hypertensive patient for over 30 years with clear case of neuropathy and swollen of both lymph. Ganzouri Hospital managed him intensively within one week my patient can now be able to see his knee caps which haven't seen for more than 3 years, he can move freely without support. We're very Happy with the development and his health status greatly improved. The staff are very very friendly and hospitable, the management constantly asking him if there anything he is lacking or want almost on hourly basis. The Hospital is in good Sarine Environmentally friendly and fully equipped with modern infrastructure, they had well equipped laboratories and subject matter specialist in all human and zoonotic diseases. My observations were:- 1). There is the need for the hospital to reach out internationally 2). They should have good mosque attached to the Hospital 3). They should have a Ganzouri hotel very close to the Hospital with 5 star restaurant specialist in all Africans dishes 4). The management should have an officer that will be taking visitors out for sight seeing being Egypt a tourist center. Thank you and God bless Ganzouri Hospital and God bless the Management. Musa Ahmed Nigerian  

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