Medical Services

Once you have decided to entrust Ganzouri Specialized Hospital with your health care, you will only have to correspond with our International Patient Office, who will be totally committed to attend to your needs.

The International Patient Office will assist you with making your appointments. He will coordinate your referrals to all your services, - the outpatient Clinic, laboratory and pathology, medical imaging, and / or inpatient surgical procedures.

Based on the medical history and clinical reports provided, we will recommend for you a schedule with the appropriate consultant specialist.

If it is an inpatient surgery admission, we will advise you of the approximate length of stay, and fees estimates. All our inpatient rooms are private single rooms. VIP suites are available upon request.

Upon arrival at the hospital, our team will receive you and accompany you throughout the registration and admission process.

We will also assist you with your follow up visits, and other allied care arrangements such as - rehabilitation, special therapy and pharmacy.

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