Medical Services

What are your hours of operation ?

§  ER Department
24 hours, seven days a week

§  Clinics
10 am – 10 pm Saturday to Thursday


What are the visiting times?

Visiting time vary from ward to ward, you can ask the ward administrator or the nurse on your ward when you arrive.

2. Clinic Visit

What is the process for scheduling an appointment in one of the clinics?
You can walk in for the next available appointment or you can call to book an appointment on 22591998 – 97 – 22585663



Will I receive a call to re-confirm my appointment?

Yes, you will receive a call from the call center one day before your appointment.

What if I can't make my appointment date?

If you cannot make your appointment or need to change the date/time please call us to re-arrange / cancel on 22591998 – 97 – 22585663

What do I do when I arrive for my appointment?

Register at the reception desk and be seated in the waiting area. You then will be called to see the doctor. After seeing the doctor go to the cashiers, take the receipt from the cashier and go for remaining procedures if needed.

How much will my appointment cost?

Each insurance has different co-pay requirement, this will depend on your insurance provider.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please bring with you ID or Passport and your insurance card and enough cash.

How can I give my feedback?

Any feedback can be directed to the Public Relations Department.


What additional facilities do you have?

We a have cafeteria,  ATM machine, WIFI access .

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