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What We do in Radiology

§   Our hospital provides "state of the art" radiology services to support the diagnostics care of our patients.

§   The Department of Radiology is committed to provide excellent patient care through diagnostic services and image-guided procedures for inpatients and outpatients as part of our patient care.

§   The Department of Radiology’s services are provided 24-hours a day to patients of all ages.

§   Quality control of radiation devices, used for the examination of patients, to assure the safety of patients and employees.

§   The mission of the radiology department is to provide a wide range of clinical diagnostic and therapeutic imaging procedures with high quality and efficiency to better service to physicians and their patients.

§   Our vision is to make patients comfortable and confident in the services received in Radiology.

§   Referring physicians and other health professionals given an efficient clinical service that is responsive to their needs and effective in applying the latest advances in imaging technology toward optimal care of their patients.

The Radiology Department Offers the Following Services

  • Plain X-Rays
    • Plain x-ray skull
    • Plain x-ray Nasal sinuses
    • Plain x-ray Cervical, thoracic and lumbo-sacaral vertebrae
    • Plain x-ray Extremities
    • Plain x-ray Chest &heart
    • Plain x- ray on urology system
  • Ultra Sound
    • Ultrasound department has the most recent colored ultrasound equipment.
    • Ultrasound department provides the following investigations :
      pelvic-abdominal U/S,color duplex for vessels, thyroid U/S, breast U/S,color Doppler Echocardiography U/S,scrotal U/S,penile U/S,pediatric U/S,transrectal U/S,transvaginal U/S,obst.and gyn.U/S, musculo skeletal U/S and all biopsies guided U/S. 
  • X-Ray With Contrast 
    • Digestive System: X-ray with barium for digestive system: esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and x- ray with dye on fistula
    • Urology System: Plain x- ray and ascending urothrography, pylography on the kidneys through catheter guided U/S .  It also offers x- ray with dye on ureters and ascending cystopyelography
    • Gynecology System: X-ray with dye for uterus, fallopian tubes (hystrosalpingeography) 
    • Neurological System: Plain x-ray with dye for cervical, thoracic and lumber vertebrae
    • Vascular X- Rays With Dye: Plain x-ray with dye for brain, Extremity vessels and renal vessels
  • We have also urodynamic study
  • CT

NB : We have also portable X-Ray and portable U/S for handicapped persons , ICU , and post - operative patients


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