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What We do in ENT Unit

The clinical and surgical services offered in the ENT Department span a range of procedures . The following services are available;


 - Microscopic surgeries for ear drum repair and extraction of necrosed bones.

 - Excision of the mucous membrane of the nasal sinuses.

 - Excision of nasal polyps either through using fiber optic endoscope or microscopic surgery or with laser surgery assistance.

 - Management of snoring or sleeping apnea.

 - Fiber Optic Bronchoscope as a diagnostic or curative procedure:

-  Diagnostic:

·         Lung cancer

·         Lung sampling

·         Lavage for the trachea & alveoli

·         Bronchial sample to identify specific microbes

-  Curative:

·         Excision of nasal polyps either through using laproscopy or surgery

·         Excision of foreign body

·         Control of pulmonary hemorrhage

·         Suction of bronchial secretions

·         Intubations to save the patients in emergency conditions

  Spirometer apparatus; is available for the following :

-  Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

-  Bronchial asthma

-  Assessment of the respiratory system of who exposed to community pollutions & follow up of their cases

-  Reemployment assessment of respiratory functions


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