Medical Services

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )

At the heart of the care continuum, at Ganzouri Specialized Hospital (GSH) , Is the patient focus . Every and each Step of the Care . GSH focuses on patient's satisfaction , satisfaction of The family members , and the community at large . Staff members at GSH perform their responsibilities to ensure that patients are treated with at most respect , and that their needs are properly taken care of at all levels .


Patient's stay at the hospital is kept to a minimum with total focus on their care and their education about the post operative care and the prevention in the future . The Nurses are specially trained to connect at the personal level and treat every patient with highest standards of care GSH strives to improve the quality of it's Staff continuously through exchange of ideas with the community leaders .

The doctors and nurses are trained with the best practices in conducting various medical procedures and share their experience with other hospitals in and outside the country . GSH also accesses international databases to enlighten it's doctors and nurses with new procedures and technologies used in the specialized fields .

GSH does a continuous assessment for the patient feedback through their Stay & after they go home. Also on integrated complaint handling System is their to stop any critical incident . GSH maintains an on line patients feedback system to document the satisfaction level of each patient and use their advises and recommendations to continuously improve it's services . Management at GSH conducts several focus groups at all levels for satisfaction of various target groups in the community level to a certain the levels of the satisfaction of various target groups in the community they serve .

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