Stenting Insertion

Procedure; Endoscopic stenting is a medical procedure by which a stent, a hollow device designed to prevent constriction or collapse of a tubular organ, is inserted by endoscopy.

Indication; They are usually inserted when a disease process has led to narrowing or obstruction of the organ in question, such as the esophagus or the colon.

Endoscopic stenting can be used for cases of narrowed esophagus, the endoscopist can pass instruments down the endoscope to help stretch the esophagus and widening it.

The instruments can also be used to insert a balloon or stent (a hollow plastic or metal tube) to hold the sides of your esophagus open.

After the procedure, patient will be taken to the recovery area & if not sedative he/she can usually go home soon after the procedure is finished.


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