Cerebral Artery bypass Surgery & Birth Defects Treatments

  • A cerebral bypass is the brain's equivalent of a coronary bypass in the heart. 
  • The aim of cerebral bypass surgery is performed to restore, or re-vascularize blood flow to the brain.
  • The Procedure is that the surgery connects a blood vessel from outside the brain to a vessel inside the brain to re-route blood flow around a damaged or blocked artery.
  • The goal of bypass surgery is to restore blood supply to the brain and prevent strokes.

Cerebral bypass may be helpful in restoring blood flow and reducing the risk of stroke in conditions such as:

  • Moyamoya disease, Aneurysm, Skull base tumor, Carotid artery stenosis & Intracranial arterial stenosis.

A CT scan will be performed at some stage after surgery to confirm that no complications have occurred (especially postoperative bleeding).

In 1 to 2 days patient will be released from the hospital and given discharge instructions.


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