Brain Tumor Endoscopic Surgeries


  • During this procedure, thin tubing that transmits video images of the brain is inserted through one or two small incisions in the skull or through an opening in the body.
  • This tube-like instrument, called an endoscope, contains a small camera that allows the neurosurgeon to see detailed images of the problem area in the brain.


While each patient’s medical history, age, condition and other factors play a role in the outcome of endoscopic brain surgery, this procedure comes with some common benefits as

  • Minimal invasive which results in less pain for the patient
  • Faster recovery time than open brain surgery
  • Reduced risk of brain trauma
  • Reduced risk of side effects 
  • Reduced hospital stay length. 

Side effects:

Like any surgery related to temporary or permanent interference with sensory and motor functions like speech, vision, memory, balance, coordination, etc. there are risks involved patients must discuss with the doctor, & as much as rare as they are those risks may range from Blood clotting, Bleeding, Swelling Infection, Seizure, Stroke & Coma.


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