Injection of Varices & Ulcers:

  • Doctors inject varices (enlarged veins) with an aim to treat bleeding, they will use the endoscope to locate the site of the bleeding.
  • They can then stop the bleeding by either tying the base of the varices with a small rubber band (band ligation), or injecting them with a chemical that seals the hole or tear in the blood vessel (sclerotherapy).

  • Endoscope are also used to treat bleeding stomach ulcers, If you have bleeding stomach ulcers, a number of techniques may be used to treat them.
  • For example a probe may be passed through the endoscope to seal the ulcer with heat, or small clips may be used to stop the bleeding.
  • Also medication may be injected around the ulcer to activate the clotting process.
  • During the procedure, patient may also receive an injection of an acid-reducing medication called a proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) to stop the bleeding recurring.


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