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There is a reception for Corona cases in the hospital...

We have a set of analyzes, programs and home medical visits to follow up on Covid 19 cases, develop a treatment protocol, follow up on the case, and provide all the medical services required by the medical condition, while providing a nursing staff at the highest level of training and efficiency.

For more details, please leave the data in private or call the following numbers in case of requesting isolation in the hospital:




For home care services for Covid patients, please call the following numbers:




The Arab hospitals Federation (AHF) announces Ganzouri Specialized hospital (representing Egypt) as the winner of the “Model Hospital” Certificate in the AHF Gold initiative
Among 58 hospitals and healthcare organizations from 8 countries participating in the AHF gold initiative,

GSH ranked as one of the top 10 hospitals in the Middle East and Africa region for three consecutive years.

According to the classification of Cybermatrix laboratories to assess the level of healthcare in hospitals around the world. CyberMatrix is ​​one of the laboratories of the Supreme Council of Scientific Research and is one of the largest research bodies in Spain and on the European continent. It based its assessment mainly on the Berlin Principles for Institutions of Higher Education 

Here at Ganzouri Specialized Hospital we look after you and your baby with utmost care 🏥👶🏻✅
➡️ High class delivery with affordable packages
➡️ Customer oriented staff
➡️ Specialized training center
➡️ 8 highly equipped operating rooms
➡️ Luxury inpatient rooms
➡️ Neonates room
➡️ 12 incubators in our neonatal ICU
➡️ Highly equipped NICU with highly specialized staff
➡️ Safe transportation if needed with a portable incubator and vent
➡️ Decorate your new born room according to your taste

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