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Health packages

Preventive check up Packages for Egyptian


§  Full Medical Preventive Checkup program (900 EGP for male 1100 EGP for female)


Preventive Checkup Includes the following medical clinics:-

Internal medicine, cardiology & Chest examination, ophthalmology – E.N.T - Dental – Surgery


* Investigations -

Urine – Stool– CBC – Blood Sugar (fasting &PP) – ESR – Blood cholesterol – Liver Functions (GPT&GOT) – Kidney Functions (urea & creatinine) - vaginal swab for women – Chest Xray – Abdominal U/S – ECG


* Those prices do not include room accommodation rate which will be     added to the previous cost.

* Any other investigations than the above shall be added to the total    cost.

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