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Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeries
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  • Caldwell loch
  • Cortical mastoid
  • Ear bone grafting
  • Ear drum repair
  • Extraction of necrosed bones
  • Internal ear operations
  • Laser arytenoidectomy
  • Laser assisted uvulpalatoplasty
  • Laser excision of benign lesion
  • Laser excision of laryngeal stenosis
  • Laser microlaryngosurgery
  • Laser microsurgery for adhesions
  • Laser partial tubenectomy (endoscope)
  • Middle ear operations
  • Multiple nasal polyps
  • Esophageal excision
  • Partial and complete tracheal excision
  • Radical antrum and ethmoidectomy
  • Seventh nerve operations and grafting
  • Spheno ethmoidectomy


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