Vascular surgery& Venous Surgery

  • The Vascular Department provides the best diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up for all arterial and venous diseases .
  • Thanks to the latest options in catheterization and open surgeries in order to provide the best treatment with long-term results.
  • We seek to provide an integrated plan of treatment during one visit to the hospital, including clinical examination, ultrasound and CT scans of blood vessels, in order to accurately determine the nature and degree of severity of the problem in order to choose the best possible treatments.

Services that We Offer

1) Venous Surgery :

  • Ligation and phlebectomy for varicose veins.
  • Endovenous ablation for varicose veins using laser or radiofrequency catheters.
  • Stripping of saphenous veins.
  • Ligation of leg perforators.
  • Injection sclerotherapy of leg varices.
  • Foam sclerotherapy for leg virility.

2) Hemodialysis Surgeries :

  • Arteriovenous Fistula.
  • Arteriovenous grafts.
  • Insertion of double lumen catheter.
  • Insertion of permacath.

3) Acute Ischemia :

  • Embolectomy and thrombectomy for lower upper limbs.

4) Arterial Trauma :

  • Arterial repair by direct anastomosis.
  • Repair using venous or synthetic patches.
  • Repair using venous or synthetic grafts.
  • Exploration of vessels.

5) Chronic Ischemia :

  • Above knee Femoro-popliteal Bypass using synthetic or vein graft.
  • Below knee Femoro-popliteal Bypass.
  • Tibial Bypass surgery.
  • Upper limb bypass surgery.
  • Angioplasty using balloons + stents.

6) Aortic Surgery :

  • Embolectomy for saddle embolism.
  • Aorto Bi-femoral or Bi-iliac Bypass.
  • Aortic Aneurysm repair using synthetic graft.

7) Repair of peripheral Aneurysms using vein bypass or synthetic grafts.

8) Ligation of Arterio-Venous Fistula.

9) Inferior Vena –Cava Filter In Repeated Pulmonary Showers.

10) Insertion of Porta-Cath. For Chemotherapy.

11) Carotid Endarterectomy.

12) Excision of Limb Haemangioma.

13) Medical Treatment of Venous Thrombosis ( superficial & deep).

14) Diabetic foot care with debridement of chronic ulcers.

15) Below Or Above Knee amputation (when indicated).

Our Doctors

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Dr. Amr Nabil Kamel
Consultant of Vascular surgery and peripheral interventional catheter

Monday 04.30 pm

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Dr. Mina Gamil
Consultant of Vascular Surgery

Friday 5.00 pm

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Dr.Wagih Fawzy
professor of vascular surgery – Ain Shams university

Saturday 04:00


Thursday 12:30

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    DR .Mohmed Ismail
    Lecturer of vascular surgery

    Sunday 03:00 PM

      Wednesday 03:00 PM

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