Laboratory Center

What We do in Laboratory Center? (Oncology and Lab Diagnostic Center)

  • GSH is well known for it's specialized labs that caters a thorough diagnostics and analytical services for it's patients.
  • The Oncology and Lab Diagnostic center was established with a mission of providing a complete, cost-effective, quality assured service .
  • This department is considered one of the most important departments in Ganzouri Specialized Hospital ; providing 24 hours service under the supervision of a group of clinical pathology professors and consultants.  
  • The department achieves the ultimate accuracy through the utilization of the latest FDA certified equipment and reagents.
  • A department for Total Quality Management (TQM) was established to standardize, control and improve the analytical process. We daily monitor the results using the quality standards approved by the WHO.
  • The lab is equipped for all hormonal profile, renal profile, cardiac profile, lipid profile, hepatitis and virology markers, tumor markers, all blood chemistry and auto antibodies.

Services that We Offer

• Hematology profile.

• Liver profile.

• Renal profile.

• Cardiac profile.

• Lipid profile.

• Hepatitis and virology markers.

• Hormonal profile.

• Tumor markers.

• Microbiology.