Allergy and Immunology

  • This unit aims to provide the latest diagnostic and treatment methods for chest diseases, asthma and immunity under the supervision of a group of professors and consultants using the latest modern technology used to treat allergic and immunological diseases in various medical specialties.


Services that We Offer

  • Diagnosis and treatment of bronchial sensitivity and chronic and seasonal asthma.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of seasonal and chronic allergic rhinitis and eye for adults and children.
  • Treatment of allergies to medicines, foods and insect bites.
  • Skin sensitivity tests by puncture and paste.
  • Allergy vaccinations using sublingual serums.
  • Treatment of severe cases of asthma. Using the drug Xolair.
  • Blood allergy tests.
  • Performing murmur force tests in lung function and measuring the concentration of nitrogen oxide gas in the bronchi.
  • Using the latest methods and devices.

Our Doctors

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Prof. DR .Rasha Yousef Shahen

Saturday 5.00 pm

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