What we do in Ophthalmology department:

  • Ganzouri Hospital provides a group of talented ophthalmic consultants who are experienced and are specialized in different eye diseases & surgeries even the most sophisticated ones.
  • Our ophthalmic department has the most up to date investigation equipment with most experienced ophthalmic doctors in combination to a highly skilled supporting nursing staff to diagnose and analyze different eye diseases which help to choose best line of treatment for every case.

Services that We Offer

  • Cataract Clinic : for early diagnosis & better dealing & correction with lens opacity either medically or surgical by up to date technology of using an ultrasound (phacoemulsification), femtosecond laser assisted lens extraction
  • Laser vision correction Clinic : for better consultation & choosing the best type of laser for correction of far sightedness or near sightedness & astigmatism. They are investigating every case for detecting the suitable case for this procedure including LASIK, FemtoLASIK, FemtoSmile.
  • Corneal Clinic : for appropriate work up to diagnose different types of corneal ulcer & better treatment for these cases either medically or surgically. Early diagnosis of keratoconus and keratectasia with proper management including Collagen cross linking, Intracorneal rings and partial thickness kertoplasty.
  • Glaucoma Clinic : for early diagnosis , building follow up schedule & detecting the appropriate time for surgical intervention either by laser or surgery including stent and valve implantation surgery in very advanced cases.
  • Oculoplastic Clinic : for accurate diagnosis of lid abnormalities, lacrimal drainage system obstruction & its level with providing the best line of treatment. This clinic also deals with any orbital fracture, protruded eye & even very small eye which is replaced by artificial eye implant.
  • Diabetic Clinic : for early detection of diabetic changes in the retina & give better treatment for every case to keep the vision stable & planning the follow up schedule for these diabetic cases in cooperation with specialized endocrinologist. They are specialized with dealing with any diabetic retinal complications including macular edema & vitreous hemorrhage . They provide the most recent line of treatment like intravitreal injection of antiVEGF, 23G , 25G & 27G vitrectomy. The most recent retinal surgery is 3D vitrectomy through Ngenuity microscope
  • Vitreoretinal Clinic : for diagnosis any unexplained drop of vision with providing the best investigation & treatment either optical, medically, or even surgically if possible laser sessions. They also provides macular tests for those people who have endangered their central eye sight. They also provide retinal transplantation using 3D vitrectomy with Ngenuity microscope
  • Pediatric Clinic : for early detection & management of visual problem & squint in children & early detection & management of  congenital glaucoma and cataract . early detection and management of retinal affection in perterm [Retinopathy of prematurity]

The center is open 24 hours to handle emergency cases. The center has specialized consultants for dealing with injured corneal for better outcome & they are also specialized in dealing with traumatized lacrimal system or even severely damaged eye.


Ophthalmic department provides The Following Services:

  • Eye Lid Surgeries:
    • Reconstruction of deformed eye lids
    • Removing redundant skin , wrinkles around the eye
    • Over management of dropped eye lid & reconstructing any trauma involving the eye lids
    • Reconstructive surgery for deformed eye lids could be performed after artificial eye implant
  • Lacrimal Surgeries:
    • work up research for causes of watering of eye
    • Inserting tube in lacrimal drainage system for treating the watery eye
    • Connecting the lacrimal sac to the nose with or without use of lacrimal tube through small skin incision or even by endoscpy
    • Microscopic suturing of traumatized lacrimal canaliculus
    • Occluding the lacrima punctum in case of dry eye
  • Reconstructive Orbital & Eye Surgeries:
    • Plastic & aesthetic surgery concerning reconstruction of the whole eye
    • Reconstructive surgery for deformed eye lids could be performed after artificial eye implant
    • Surgical Correction of protruding eye
    • Surgical correction of fractures in the orbit
    • Artificial eye implantation in th eye socket for small ugly eye to be look likes the normal which also move in cooperation with the normal
  • Corneal Surgeries:
    • Deals with the deformity of the shape of the cornea due to trauma or inflammation 
    • Implanting human cornea replacing damaged ones (keratoplasty) either; from deformed shape “keratoconus  or loss of its transparency  white cornea
    • surgical dealing with resistant corneal ulcer for rapid & better healing
  • Vitreoretinal Surgeries:
    • Removing the vitreous hemorrhage from complicated cases of diabetes by “Vitrectomy.
    • Dealing with any retinal detachment case involving buckling or vitrectomy with silicone oil injection or gas injection
    • Diagnosis of any macular edema & treat them by medical, laser, injection, or surgery.
    • Retinal transplantation in resistant cases of macular hole or scarred macula
  • Laser Surgeries:
    • Patients suffering from diabetic retina could be treated by Lasers or even by injection after consulting their fluorecein angiography state of the retina , OCT (optical coherence tomography) and OCT angiography.
  • Laser vision correction Surgeries:
    • Remodeling the cornea
    • Relieving far sightedness or near sightedness
    • Curing astigmatism
    • Using LASIK, FemtoLASIK and FemtoSmile
  • Glaucoma Surgeries:
    • Managing increased intra ocular pressure of the eye
    • Testing the field of vision up to do the latest operations to cure this dreadful disease
    • Surgical correction to unresponsive cases to medical treatment either by laser or surgery including inserting the stent or Valve 

Our Doctors

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Dr.Nahed Helmy
Consultant ophthalmic surgeon

Saturday 8.00 pm

Tuesday 2.00 pm

Thursday 2.00 pm

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Dr. Tamer Fahmy
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology - Ain Shams University

Saturday 2.00 pm

Sunday2:00 pm

Monday 9.30 pm

Wednesday 8.30 pm

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Dr. Amr Gamal El Din Zaky
consultant ophthalmic surgeon

Sunday 08.30 pm



Wednesday 02:00 pm

Thursday 08.30 pm

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Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed El samkry
Consultant ophthalmic surgery, eyelid surgery, tear duct and pilgrim tumors - Ain Shams University

Sunday 5.00 pm

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