• In Hearing and balance clinic we evaluate hearing in neonates children and adults with the most advanced equipment.
  • This help us to fit the hearing impaired patients with the optimum hearing aids.
  • We also have the most advanced equipment to evaluate balance and for accurate diagnosis and we perform vestibule rehabilitation exercises and canal repositioning procedure.


Services that We Offer

Tests done in audio - vestibular Ganzoury clinic:

‏1- Hearing evaluation for adults and children.

‏2- Middle ear function for adults and children.

‏3- VNG for vestibular evaluation.

‏4- ABR for children to evaluate hearing below 3 years.

‏5- Aided free field to evaluate hearing aid performance.

‏6- Hearing screening for neonates.

Our Doctors

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Dr. Ahmed Chedid
Professor and consultant in Audiology and Vestibular Medicine

Sunday 11.00 AM

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