Pain Management

The Pain Management unit:

El Ganzouri Hospital is specialized in the management of acute and chronic pain under the supervision of consultants and professors of pain management from different Egyptian universities.

  • The pain management is a modern specialty that aims to evaluate and diagnose the type and cause of pain using the latest modern diagnostic techniques. 
  • It also aims to treat pain, by a multi-model approach using medications and modern interventional non-surgical pain therapy techniques. 
  • The specialty of interventional pain therapy is considered as one of the latest branches of modern medicine. 
  • This specialty has evolved with the development of ultrasonic, radiological and radiofrequency devices and the introduction of new methods in the management of pain such as sonar or fluoroscopic guided injection of plasma rich platelets, stem cell therapy, nerve root injection, epidural catheter, spinal adhesiolysis catheter known as Racz procedure, spinal cord stimulation and minimally invasive lumbar decompression. All of the above mentioned pain therapy methods are non-surgical and done under local anesthesia by using fluoroscopy or ultrasound machine under complete aseptic conditions and the patient leaves the hospital after few hours and can practice his normal life the next day without side effects. 
  • The pain management unit provides medical services to patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. Acute pain occurs after surgery, infection or trauma and if it is not properly managed, it may lead to the development of chronic pain. 
  • Proper management of acute pain after the surgery or trauma facilitates early mobilization and rehabilitation of the patient leading to rapid recovery and return of the patient to his normal life.
  • Chronic pain is defined as pain which lasts for more than three months or continues after the cause of pain is cured.
  • The primary goals of a pain consultant are to diagnose the cause of pain and develop an appropriate pain management plan suitable for the patient’s condition and cause of pain.

Services that We Offer

Cancer pain:

  • Pain management is considered as an essential part of cancer therapy.
  • Cancer pain management should be multi-model including medications as analgesics and opioids in combination with suitable sonar or fluoroscopic interventional non- surgical procedures.

Low back pain:

  • Can be caused by many diseases as herniated disc, spinal canal stenosis, lumber facet joint arthropathy, sciatica, sacral joint pain, hip joint pain or a tumor causing low back pain. 
  • Successful management requires reaching an accurate diagnosis and a multidisciplinary plan based upon physiotherapy, medications and non-invasive interventional pain therapy as fluoroscopic or sonar guided injections of anti-inflammatory medications and radiofrequency. 
  • Most of the patients can be managed successfully without surgery.

Chronic spine pain:

  • Surgical intervention in spine patients is required in specific cases, such as compression of spinal nerves, numbness or muscle weakness, otherwise chronic spine pain can be managed successfully by the multidisciplinary plan mentioned above.

Failed back surgery:

  • These patients suffer from chronic back pain due to adhesions in the spinal canal, which causes pressure on the spinal nerve root.
  • These adhesions cannot be removed surgically.
  • These patients get benefit of the adhesiolysis catheter known as Racz procedure, injection of anti-inflammatory medications beside oral therapy.

Joint pain:

  • It is advised when feeling pain in the joints such as the knee, pelvis, shoulder, or ankle joint to seek a medical advice from a pain consultant to diagnose the cause of pain and treat joints using modern technics such as injection of high-efficiency gelatinous material, plasma rich platelets or stem cell therapy, joint denervation by radiofrequency may be very useful to relief the pain, plus weight reduction and physiotherapy to avoid surgical joint replacement.

Migraines and chronic headaches:

  • These are disturbing diseases causing a lot of suffering for the patients.  A multidisciplinary team is usually needed to manage the headache, the consultant of pain management can diagnosis the cause of the headache and manage it with multi-model approach as medications, radiofrequency, or nerve blocks.

Increased hand sweating:

  • Stimulation of sympathetic plexus can lead to increased hand sweating in an annoying manner, which may prevent the patient from carrying out his work in a natural way, and this can be treated by botox injection, blocking the sympathetic plexus or by radiofrequency.  
  • Many other diseases can be successfully managed in pain management unit as post-amputation phantom limb, complex regional pain syndrome known as CRPS, peripheral neuropathy , limb pain due to vascular insufficiency, fibromyalgia, post-herpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuropathy, facial pain and chronic neuropathy.

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