What We do in Neurosurgery Unit:

  • The Neurosurgery Unit delivers all types of neurosurgery for benign or malignant tumors in different areas of the brain and spinal cord;

congenital cranial or spinal malformations, disc prolapse, herniated disc of the spine at any level and for spinal canal stenosis, hydrocephalus cases in adults and children, cerebro-vascular disease (bleeding and cerebral infarction) and peripheral nerves such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Treatments for trauma to the brain, head and spinal column caused by accidents and pain therapy for chronic headache, neck, arm, low back pain or sciatic pain are also available.

The unit is ready for 24 hrs all over the days for any emergency cases.

Services that We Offer

  • Elevation of skull flap.
  • Craniotomy.
  • Cranioplasty.
  • Cranioplasty with mesh.
  • Cranioplasty for zygomatic bone.
  • Control of intracerebral hematoma.
  • Recurrent craniotomy.
  • Debulking of brain tumor.
  • Evacuation of brain Cyst.
  • Excision of Brain abscess.
  • Excision of Brain tumor.
  • Exscion of brain tumor and closure of the dura.
  • Excision of infected Brain tumor.
  • Evacuation of extradural hematoma.
  • Evacuation of subdural hematoma.
  • Evacuation of chronic subdural hematoma.
  • Evacuation of paravertebral abscess.
  • Evacuation of cerebllar abscess.
  • Evacuation of subdural hygroma.
  • Excision of cerebellar tumor.
  • Excision of cerebrallar abscess.
  • Excision of extra axial tumour.
  • Excision of neuroma.
  • Exsicion of of forigen body from the brain.
  • Excision of osteomyelitic bone.
  • Osteotomy in the skull bone.
  • Elevation of simple fracture of child.
  • CSF drain.
  • Repair CSF leak.
  • Exploration of Peripheral n.
  • T-Tube insertion in the syringomyelia.
  • Shunt for hydrocephalus.
  • Subdura – peritoneal shunt.
  • Shunt revision.
  • Ventriculo – peritoneal shunt.
  • Removal of shunt.
  • Ventricular tape.
  • Ventricular catheter.
  • Repair of cyst.
  • Repair of meningeal cyst.
  • Burr_hole & ventricular tape.
  • Debridement of wound.
  • Facetal block.
  • Anterior cervical discectomy.
  • Cervical fixation with wire.
  • Cervical laminectomy.
  • Dorsal laminectomy.
  • Decompressive laminectomy.
  • Elevation of compound depressed fracture and duro – plasty.
  • Excision of cord mass • Evacuation of cord haematoma.
  • Elevation of compound depressed fracture.
  • Instrumental spinal fixation.
  • Spinal cord Decompression.
  • Spinal nerve neurolysis.
  • Repair of spinal menigeal cyst.
  • Excision & Debridement of Spinal Sinus.
  • Repair of spinal cord sinuses.
  • Lumbar laminectomy.
  • Lumbar discectomy.
  • Lumbo – peritoneal shunt.
  • Lumbar puncture.
  • Removal of lumbar cage.
  • Intradiscal thermo – coagulation.
  • Recurrent discectomy.
  • Zigomatic.
  • Osteotomy.
  • Trigeminal n .
  • Radiofrequency.
  •  Injection Of Trigeminal n.
  •  Sacroiliac joint injection.
  •  Duraplasty.
  •  Vertebro plasty.
  •  Nerve block.
  •  Jeneste ratio.
  •  Exocrine of parasitic cyst.
  •  Botulinum injection.
  •  Neurolysis.
  •  Sympathectomy.
  •  Excision of sinus Carotid ligation.
  •  Reconstruction of peripheral.
  • Neurolysis.
  •  Debridement of wound sinus.
  •  2ry suture.
  •  Aspiration of abscess.

Our Doctors

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Dr. Hesham Anwar
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Ain Shams University Consultant of neurosurgery at GSH

Saturday 7.00 pm

Monday 8.00 pm

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Dr. Amr Saeed Attia
Consultant and Lecturer of Neurology at Ain Shams University

 Thursday on 5 pm

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Dr. Ahmed Faisal Tubar
Prof. Neurosurgery at Ain Shams Univ Consultant of Neurosurgery at GSH

Tuesday 10.00 AM

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Prof. Dr. Tarek Hamdy Elserry
Professor of neurosurgery and spine surgery, Ain Shams University

Saturday 4.00 pm

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Dr. Ahmed Darwish
Professor of neurosurgery (Ain Shams University) Consultant of epilepsy surgery & Spine surgery

Sunday at 8:00 pm

Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m

Thursday at 11:00 am

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doctor icon
DR Ahmed Yousry Moussa
Consultant brain and spine surgery Lecturer of Neurosurgery, Ain Shams University

Tuesday10:00 PM

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Sunday 1.00 am

Wednesday 5.00 pm

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Dr. Abdel Maksoud Mohamed Mousa
Consultant neurosurgeon and spine Lecturer and consultant of neurological and spine surgery

Wednesday 06.30 PM

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Dr.Mohamed Al Mashad
Lecturer of Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery-Ain-Shams University
Thursday 7:00pm
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